Boston Ability Center - Making Fun and Function Go Hand In Hand

Boston Ability Center - Making Fun and Function Go Hand In Hand

Your First Appointment

What to bring... what to expect

We want to make the first experience for you and your child successful. To help make the transition smooth we recommend you review the check list below before you arrive. Plan to arrive a few minutes early to settle into our comfortable waiting room and let your child relax. Our facility is tucked off the main road and may take a few extra minutes to find. Once you arrive and your child has started their session, you are welcome to stay and use our free WIFI, follow a local walking path for a 30 minute walk past a scenic waterway or enjoy a hot chai at the nearby Starbucks.


bullet   Appointment booked
bullet   Intake form and developmental summaries completed
bullet   Insurance referrals obtained
bullet   Print and complete registration.
bullet   Print and sign policy forms for financial, cancellation, HIPPA, and information release.
bullet   Print and complete medical emergency form
bullet   Supporting documents gathered to bring or submitted with intake form (IEP, previous testing, etc)
bullet   All forms complete?
bullet   Check directions (do not use GPS)
bullet   Arrive 10 minutes early to settle and do paperwork.
bullet   Relax, you have arrived. We will take it from here.