Boston Ability Center - Making Fun and Function Go Hand In Hand

Boston Ability Center - Making Fun and Function Go Hand In Hand

Evaluation Process

Evaluation Process at the Boston Ability Center

Our evaluation process begins with calling our facility (781 239 0100) or using our website to fill out an initial intake form and appropriate development summaries indicated on the right. These forms really help give our therapists a well rounded picture of your child before meeting for the first time. Following that we have a link to the rest of our paperwork for you to print at home and bring in with you for your first visit, if not they will be available for you to complete in the office.

It is appreciated if you can also fax (781 239 0102) or bring in any evaluations your child may have from another facility prior to his or her first visit to the Boston Ability Center.

We ask that if your child is OK separating from you for treatment we can begin forming the therapist/child rapport right from the beginning. If you would like to observe we ask that you let us know beforehand and if there are other children receiving treatment during this time we ask that you respect their privacy and join us another day.

Physical Therapy evaluations take place over the course of a one hour session. Speech Therapy evaluations take place over one to two hour long sessions. If you are interested in an occupational therapy evaluation we have a few options available, please click here.