Happy Mother’s Day!


Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate YOU and all the work you do. You are the anchor that keeps everything afloat, the glue that holds everything together, and when times get tough, you rise the top and put the pieces back together. It is because of moms like you, that we see the beautiful smiles in your children.

To honor our special mothers, all next week mothers are invited to stop at the Front Desk for a FREE piece of chocolate! Now if that doesn’t put a smile on your face, we don’t know what will? We hope you enjoy

Flutie Foundation

Boston Ability Center was honored to sponsor the Flutie Foundation’s Night To Shine. BAC’s director Jan Wade, speech and language pathologist Caroline Curran and occupational therapist Stephanie Kerasiotes had a fabulous evening celebrating the Flutie Foundation and its many accomplishments on behalf of the autism community.

It was a great surprise to see MUSE drummer William Fahey at the Flutie Foundation’s Night to Shine! William and BAC Director, Jan Wade, go way back to their days in the Wellesley public schools integrated preschool program. And now he’s almost 23! Great performance Will!

Let’s Think Flexible!

Yesterday our theme in Team Time was: Flexibility & Stuck Thinking 


  • Hello: To say hello this week, we practiced asking questions to our friends after they shared a story with the group. For example, when a friend shares a story, it’s expected to ask a social wondering question (e.g., “Who did you go on vacation with?” or “What did you eat for your special dinner?). Children tossed bean bags to the story-teller after they each asked one question, as a visual representation to keep track of the conversation and ensure active participation.

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April: One Night Out

April ONO was awesome! For the first time, One Night Out took place at the BAC’s new Natick location. Big kids and little kids alike had fun exploring Natick’s two gyms, the enormous ball pit, climbing wall and game closet! We also had a visit from two special guests, Ted and Peggy Crew. Also know as Oma and Opa – Ted and Peggy are the inspiration behind all things Boston Ability Center. They have spent a lifetime loving and caring for kids around the world and are the perfect example of BAC’s mission of making hard work and fun go hand in hand!

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Thought Bubbles Vs. Talking Bubbles

This week our theme was Thought Bubbles & Talk Bubbles, with special focus on Interrupting / Blurting 


Volcano Song: We warmed up our bodies and brains by watching a “Preschool Learn to Dance: Exploding Volcano” video and then following along with the body movements. Imitating body positions as part of a music & movement type of activity tends to be a staple of early childhood classrooms – it’s important that our kiddos practice thinking with their eyes and ears in order to follow the group plan

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