Meet Kiandra, OT Student!

Kiandra is a graduate student from Hofstra University where she has completed the didactic portion of their Masters of Science program in Occupational Therapy. She will be joining our team for 12 weeks starting September 24th as part of her level 2 fieldwork experience. Her undergraduate studies at the University of Rhode Island included Kinesiology and Psychology where she interned a semester at Hasbro Children’s Hospital outpatient clinic and found her passion for occupational therapy. Her love for pediatrics comes from her nannying experience (10+ years!) in which she has been able to help care for children throughout the developmental life span, watch them grow, and gain their independence. She has level 1 experience in a child care center (young toddlers), school for children with developmental disabilities, and high school that served students with autism. Additionally, she is familiar with BAC as she volunteered to be a camp counselor for the Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy camp during in the summer of 2017 and is looking forward to being back! In her free time, she enjoys going to the beach, skiing, baking, and traveling. 

Mona is on the Move!

Mona is a sweet, kind little girl who came to the Boston Ability Center following a stroke resulting in right-sided weakness. At the time of her initial evaluation, she was unable to transition into sitting independently and crawling.

With the help of Mona’s BAC therapists, she is now crawling and using her right hand to eat fruit loops!  

Watch a video of Mona crawling!

Mona’s mom states, “Mona has come such a long a way since her start at BAC. Mona had a stroke at birth and presents with weakness on her right side. Thanks to BAC‘s research-based and individualized therapy, Mona is now crawling, kneeling, and independently using her right hand to grasp. The therapists are sensitive, motivating, and passionate. My husband and I look forward to her therapy visits to watch Mona laugh, play, develop, and to learn strategies and exercises to do at home. Thank you BAC!”

Mona’s therapists look forward to continuing to watch her grow.  

Stay tuned for other featured children that are achieving leaps and bounds at the Boston Ability Center!   

Meet Kaila, PT Student

Kaila is a student at MGH Institute of Health Professions completing her doctorate degree in physical therapy. She received her undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Education Studies from Colorado College in 2013. Her interest in physical therapy stems from her background volunteering and working in adaptive sports over the past ten years. As a ski instructor, she specializes in teaching those with developmental delays and visual impairments. She is excited to be joining BAC for her third and final clinical affiliation. She completed her previous two affiliations at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital- Cape Cod and Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital. In her free time, you’ll likely find Kaila coaching out on the ski mountain, backpacking across mountains, or reading a book.

We look forward to having Kaila a part of our BAC team!

Week 2: BAC Summer Camp (Theme: Learning About Our Senses!)

This past week we had so much fun learning about our senses. Through multisensory activities we learned about our sense of touch, see, taste, hear and smell. Not only did we learn more about our bodies but we made new friends too! We hope you enjoy reading about the exciting time we had at camp and look forward to next year’s annual BAC Summer Camp!

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