Nikki & Christina Visit Chile

Chilean Flag 2 by Merlin2525

Please join us in sending two of our therapists, Nikki and Christina, off to Chile for CME Training.

CME, which stands for Cuevas Medek Exercise, is a framework of therapy that was created by Ramon Cuevas, a physical therapist from Santiago, Chile. This technique targets infants and young children suffering abnormal motor evolution caused by known or unknown non-degenerative syndrome affecting the nervous system. It involves a set of boxes/ramps/blocks/movements with the influence of gravity to facilitate a child’s postural control and balance reactions, and reinforce their natural recovery potential. This can be geared towards infants and neurologically compromised children who are not yet sitting and/or walking independently, to help them achieve gross motor milestones, as well as higher level children with balance and postural deficits.

Nikki had the opportunity to travel to California this past summer to observe and learn from a few clinics who practice CME, as it is much more well known in this part of the country. She was able to see a patient of hers participate in this therapy, in addition to talking with other families, all of which had positive experiences with it. She was blown away by what she learned, and was eager to pursue this training for herself.

We are fortunate enough to have both Nikki and Christina traveling next week to Santiago, Chile to become Level I CME therapists, which includes a week-long comprehensive 1-on-1 training.

We are excited to hear from them upon their return, and for a new tool in their toolboxes in order to help our kids at the BAC to an even greater extent.

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