Fit Kids Recap: Exercise Uno!


Greetings from the BAC,

Another night of Fit Kids is in the books. We had a new friend join our group and everyone did a great job of making him feel welcome amongst fitness friends. Here is a run-down of what skills and obstacles the Fit Kids conquered last week:

Warm up: We got started with another medicine ball warm-up activity. Our Fit Kids got into a line and passed the ball over and under their bodies in an alternating pattern. Once the ball got to the back of the line, that kid brought it around track and back to the front of the line as fast as they could.

The Main Event: Our Fit Kids got to use the treadmill and rowing machine this week to improve their cardiovascular endurance. While a few kids rotated through stations of the rowing machine, an agility ladder with step-ups, and the treadmill, the rest of the group played exercise Uno and the word guessing game “hangman.” Exercise Uno is played by assigning a different exercise to each color card in the game. Kids take turns playing a card and completing the exercise assigned to that color in as many reps as the number on the card. Kids try to complete as many cards as they can to get a good variety of exercises. The word guessing game “hangman” works with kids attempting to guess the mystery word (in this case, SPORTS) and completing an exercise together with every wrong guess. Exercises were performed around the track for this game and there was good teamwork on display with some kids helping to demonstrate exercises for other kids.

Cool down: We ran out of time for our cool down this week, but our kids can look forward to being led by a fellow Fit Kid next week!

As always, if at any time you have questions about FIT Kids please let us know with and email, phone call, or in person at a FIT kids session.

Have a great week,

Micayla and Brian


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