Pediatric Intensive Therapy Camp: February 2019

Over February vacation two of our kiddos at the Boston Ability Center participated in an Intensive Therapy Camp where they had so much fun working hard towards meeting their physical and occupational therapy goals. One camper practiced walking with a posterior walker as well as with the BAC’s pediatric Lite Gait.  Another camper participated in modified constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT) to improve the functional use of her right arm. Both LiteGait and CIMT are research-based therapies that we are proud to use with children here at the BAC throughout the year.

Our campers completed many winter-themed activities to improve fine and visual motor skills, postural control, and bilateral coordination. These included melting an iceberg to save the hidden toys, making snow slime, decorating snowflakes, and building snow globes. The campers also loved working on their gross motor skills including walking, crawling, transfers, and full body strength through a variety of obstacle courses including “dress the snowman” and snowball fights with Rody the horse. There were dance breaks and sing-a-longs to various Disney songs, including the most loved “Let It Go,” throughout the week.  With winter nearly over, we are looking forward to seeing the campers again soon for our April intensive camp!

Pediatric Intensive Therapy Camp at the BAC is designed and led by dedicated and experienced OT and PT staff members and is ideal for children ages 3-10 with neuromuscular impairments. If you are interested in signing up for BAC’s April Intensive Therapy Camp, please reach out to the front desk (781-239-0100). Don’t forget to follow along on social media to see the fun in action! (@bostonabilitycenter) 


Photo Descriptions:

Photo 1: A young boy and girl on a log swing assisted by a physical therapist and occupational therapist.

Photo 2: A young boy walking using a posterior walker, assisted by an occupational therapist.

Photo 3: A young girl smiling and showing the snowman she made from water and baking soda. These snowmen were later “melted” using vinegar!

Photo 4: An aerial view photo of a young girl and boy melting an iceberg (chunk of ice) full of small toys using pipettes of warm water.

Photo 5: A side-by-side photo collage, one in which a young boy is walking assisted by a LiteGait, and the other in which he is practicing sidestepping at a ballet barre, assisted by a physical therapist.

Photo 6: A side-by-side photo collage, one in which a young girl is carrying a hat through an obstacle course while stepping over pool noodles and balance disks, another in which she is smiling with the volunteer she dressed in winter clothing collected during the obstacle course.

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