Looking For An Exciting Science Experiment For Your Little One?

Our friends at BAC LOVE science and learning! We hope you enjoy the “Color Surprise Experiment” that you and your little one can do together. You can have fun while practicing your child’s speech/language skills- see home ideas below!

Print pictures below and cut cards. Have your child put the cards in order and then retell the order of the activity using complete sentences (e.g., “FIRST, I poured the glue.”)
Ask wh-questions to encourage conversation, support problem solving skills and practice understanding of WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY and YES/NO! 

In The Ocean…

Our occupational therapist, Stephanie, targets both fine motor and gross motor skills while finding baby fish in our “sea hammock”!

During this activity our friend was encouraged to utilize his gross motor skills to climb through the various layers of the “sea” (aka: hammock) to find the fish. Subsequently he used his fine motor skills to pinch the baby fish-clips and attach them back onto the mother fish! Not only was this activity fun and motivating, but it also supported numerous developmental skills.

Fitness Friday: Swings

It is that time of year when kids LOVE to be outside (no matter how hot it is!) and parks, especially swings are a favorite activity!

When swinging, practice pumping legs to swing yourself. Kick as you come forward (“kick the sky” or give feet high fives) and bend knees as you swing back (“turtle legs”).

See how many times you can kick the sky and have turtle legs in a row!