Fitness Friday!

Did you know that 2 year olds can bear crawl?

Try walking on hands and feet down a hallway. For an added challenge, bear walk over pillows and couch cushions!

Bear walking requires engagement of multiple muscle groups including the abdominal muscles. This exercise improves endurance and coordination as well.

Story Time!

Are oral or written narratives challenging for your kiddo? Is learning a new story map/chart each year with a new teacher difficult?

Our speech-language pathologists often utilize the Story Grammar Marker, a multi-sensory manipulative, to teach narrative development. Children greatly benefit from the multi-sensory use of the tool rather then a visual only support. Another great feature is that the Story Grammar Marker can be use with the child as they progress from prek to high school. It support learning a variety of story structures  and can be used for oral narrative and written language.

For information about the Story Grammar Marker visit:


F I T N E S S * F R I D A Y

Start with knees straight and hands near your feet. Slowly walk your hands out all the way into a plank without moving your feet. Then, keep your hands still and take small steps to walk your feet in. Repeat this all the way down a hallway.

Walking like an inchworm improves abdominal, upper and lower body strength. This exercise engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously and can assist in supporting proper posture. Additionally, the muscles in the hip and ankle are stretched. Coordination is improved, as this requires proper sequencing of the upper and lower body.

To see a sequence of the steps visit:

Valentine’s Day FUN at the Boston Ability Center

We’ve been busy making Valentines here at the BAC, all while working on our speech and language goals! Here’s how:

Articulation: We said words and sentences containing our targeted speech sounds while decorating the Valentines. One word or sentence for each sticker added!

Following Directions: Our clinicians gave directions while we made Valentines. Some of us followed directions with prepositions (ex. “Put the pink heart on top of the red heart”) while others followed 2-step directions (ex. “First put the heart sticker on, then put on the flower”).

Expressive Language: We described the decorations that we used and talked about where we were putting them on the Valentine . There were lots of opportunities to learn new vocabulary that relates to the upcoming holiday!

Using AAC: For those of us who utilize augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), we had the chance to practice using our topic boards and devices to learn new language. One of our favorite symbols to use was “more!” as we added sparkly stickers to our Valentine.

Social Skills: Many of us worked with peers to create our Valentines.  It was a great opportunity to practice sharing materials, being flexible, and even engaging in conversations while we worked!  We practiced making “smart guesses” about what our Valentine recipients would like to have on their Valentines!

This hands-on activity was engaging and motivating for all of us here at the BAC! The best part…you can easily complete this activity at home with your child as well to continue the fun AND give them another opportunity to work on their speech and language goals! Grab some construction paper, stickers, glitter glue, etc. and get crafting!

SAVE THE DATE: Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) Summer Camp

Back by popular demand…Another session of CIMT camp will start again this summer. Camp will run from 7/9-7/27, Monday to Friday from 8:30-1:00pm. To sign up or receive additional information, contact the BAC front desk at 781-239-0100 or email frontdesk@bostonabilitycenter.

To learn more about the benefits of CIMT intensives, see video link below.

CIMT Video