SibShop: Valentine’s Day Edition

Two weeks ago, we held another Sibshop at the Boston Ability Center. We had so much fun talking about our family and making valentines for the ones we love.

We made Valentine’s Day Punch – Each child had the opportunity to add one ingredient and say one thing they love about their parent/sibling when they added their special ingredient to the bowl. The punch was delicious and it was so much sharing our favorite things about our loved ones.

For snack we made sugar cookies (yummy!) The children decorated one for themselves and one for sibling/parent

We had so much fun playing Valentine’s Day themed games. Here are some of the games we played.

Heart Relay – Two cups full of conversation hearts and two empty cups a few feet away.  Teams had one minute to move as many hearts from the full cup to the empty cup using a spoon.

Straw Transfer – We moved Conversation Hearts from one plate to the another using only a straw. We set the timer for 1 minute and were excited to find out how many we could transfer within the time limit!