Fitness Friday!

Did you know that 2 year olds can bear crawl?

Try walking on hands and feet down a hallway. For an added challenge, bear walk over pillows and couch cushions!

Bear walking requires engagement of multiple muscle groups including the abdominal muscles. This exercise improves endurance and coordination as well.

F I T N E S S * F R I D A Y

Start with knees straight and hands near your feet. Slowly walk your hands out all the way into a plank without moving your feet. Then, keep your hands still and take small steps to walk your feet in. Repeat this all the way down a hallway.

Walking like an inchworm improves abdominal, upper and lower body strength. This exercise engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously and can assist in supporting proper posture. Additionally, the muscles in the hip and ankle are stretched. Coordination is improved, as this requires proper sequencing of the upper and lower body.

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Fitness Friday

Let’s climb some mountains! Mountain climbers are a dynamic exercise that require activation of multiple muscle groups including the core. By running in a plank position, this exercise gets the heart pumping and improves endurance. Additionally, coordination is improved as accurate timing and form is required to perform correctly.