Have You Met The BAC Volunteers?

Our volunteers not only spend dedicated hours to BAC being a huge support to staff, but they also make work a lot of fun. Learn more about our volunteers below and if you are interested in joining our wonderful team contact Amanda at amanda@bostonabilitycenter.com.

Meet Jason! He has been to Nicaragua on a Habitat for Humanity Trip and is in the 99th percentile for height.

Welcome Soo! She has lived in four states : California, Maryland, Colorado and Massachusetts.  She enjoys kayaking and was born in South Korea.

Meet Emili! Her favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate.  She is from Chicago and has 3 younger siblings.

Say “Hi!” to Deziray! She is from Canada and plays ice hockey at BU.  Her favorite animal is a monkey.

A Special Visitor Comes to BAC Social-Motor Groups

Last week BAC Social-Motor Groups had the honor of having a visit from a wonderful firefighter! This session’s theme has been focused on community helpers so it was only natural to learn about one our favorite people! The children learned about teamwork, self-generated social wondering questions, took turns and even got to try on some firefighter gear!

A Snapshot of an OT Session

Some of our kiddos last week worked on improving their fine motor and visual motor skills. Some children participated in a multi-step obstacle course with a peer (incorporating social play) in our large motor space to promote gross motor and motor planning skills. They practiced using their sense of touch to find objects from Ned’s Head, even when they couldn’t see them. Afterwards, they were encouraged to draw their favorite thing discovered from the obstacle course!

Learning About Community Helpers in Team Time & Move to Talk

In Team Time and Move to Talk our theme this session is community helpers. Last week our community helper of the week was a mechanic. We learned about fixing a problem and enjoyed washing our “cars!” We took turns with the cleaning supplies, shared space when cleaning a car with a friend, participated in a variety of sensory play, requested items from others, and had a lot of FUN!

What Makes BAC Unique?

One of the most unique and beneficial aspects of the Boston Ability Center is our ability to offer co-treatment sessions for our patients. During a “co-treat” children receive two of their services together for 15, 30, or 45 minutes. Patients can target their OT and speech-therapy, OT and PT, or speech therapy and PT goals while they complete various activities in our large motor space or in one of our individual treatment rooms. This treatment model allows clinicians to collaborate as they target various aspects of treatment, and encourages our patients to utilize multiple skills at once. Co treatment sessions also provide clinicians with additional insight regarding specific activities, goals, and supports.

During a co-treat, our occupational therapists may shed light on sensory or tactile areas to consider, our speech-therapists can model language on an alternative augmentative communication device, our physical therapists can provide awareness about body positioning and strength, and much more! Co-treatment sessions also offer scheduling benefits for many of our busy families! The Boston Ability Center takes pride in this multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to treatment.