CPR Training at BAC

A few weeks ago, BAC staff participated in CPR training. This is a training that all staff participate in every year to retain their skills and ensure that they are prepared if anything was to take place. We recognize the importance of being educated CPR and First Aid.

Ways to find a locations to learn CPR:




Clinician Spotlight: Anna Gray, Physical Therapist

Anna Gray, physical therapist, recently attended the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Annual Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“It was a wonderful opportunity to get the latest evidence based techniques and treatments. She had the opportunity to take courses on hypermobility syndromes, toe walking, cerebral palsy, congenital muscular torticollis  and much, much more. Anna was able to connect with physical therapists around the country!” (Anna)

We look forward to Anna bringing new research back to BAC and continuing to pride top quality care for her patients she serves.

Special Guest at BAC

Every Wednesday BAC staff participate in a staff meeting in which we discuss new research, recently attended presentations/lectures, and case studies.

This Wednesday we are very fortunate to have Jess Wilson present a five part staff meeting series for us! She is the voice behind Diary of a Mom, a community of over 330,000 dedicated, highly engaged members who are as passionate as she is about making the world a more inclusive, welcoming place for those with disabilities. She has taken her message everywhere from her local school board meetings to college lecture halls and even the White House, amplifying the voices of those whose lived experiences drive her work.

Jess lives in Boston with her husband, Luau, their two teenage daughters, Katie and Brooke, and their dogs, Winston and Lucy.

Jess with her two daughters, Katie and Brooke

In-Services in Our Community

On Monday, October 23, 2017, an enthusiastic group of preschool teachers and directors met at the Carter Center for Children in Needham, MA for a workshop. Lauren Alves, Co-Director at the Carter Center organized the evening workshop which was titled From Here to There: Transitions Throughout the School Day. Clinicians, Janet Schmidt, MA, CCC-SLP, Speech and Language Pathologist and Elvira Fulchino, MS. OTR/L, MSW, LICSW, Occupational Therapist, from the Boston Ability Center conducted the workshop.

The focus of the workshop was for the participants to identify and plan for successful transitions in order to facilitate the children’s success throughout their school day. The impact of individual factors on successful transitions, such as, changes in the child’s schedule, routine, sleep difficulty, sensory sensitivities, physical limitations, and language difficulties were also addressed. Interventions such as, using First/Then language, Visual supports, Zones of Regulation and Whole Body Listening strategies to facilitate coping skills in young children were introduced.

The format allowed for large and small group discussion which provided the opportunity for the participants to ask questions, view materials and learn more about specific strategies.

Elvira Fulchino, MS, OTR/L, MSW

Janet Schmidt, MA, CCC-SLP







See below for a link to an article on transitions and additional references:


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In-Services in Our Community

On Friday, October 13, 2017an in-service teacher training was provided to Temple Beth Avodah Early Learning Center by Occupational Therapist, Elvira Fulchino, MS. OTR/L, MSW, LICSW of the Boston Ability Center. The topic, Handwriting Without Tears program, was selected by the Director of the Preschool Program, Heidi Baker, and was attended by the preschool teachers who offered many comments and asked a variety of questions. The teachers have familiarity with this program and a lively discussion occurred where many ideas for activities were exchanged.

The program included discussion of the stages of grasp development, the impact of core strength on sitting posture and the role of attention. Additional information was provided on introducing Fine Motor activities into the classroom to encourage the correct grasp and materials to support handwriting development.

The specifics of the Handwriting Without Tears program were covered, such as, workbooks for Preschool, Get Set for School, and Kindergarten, Letters and Numbers for Me. Essential to the program is the progression from beginner skills, (to hold, place and move a crayon) to printing upper case letters, numbers and lower-case letters. Wooden pieces (lines and curves) form the letters which are divided into groups based on their components (vertical, horizontal lines, big and little curves, diagonals).

The program was developed by Jan Olsen,OTR, Occupational Therapist, and the workbooks were co-created with Emily Knapton, Occupational Therapist. The Boston Ability Center and many school districts use the Handwriting Without Tears program.

Elvira Fulchino, MS, OTR/L, MSW


Olsen, Jan Z., Get Set for School, Handwriting Without Tears, 2003, First Edition

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