Fitness Friday: Swings

It is that time of year when kids LOVE to be outside (no matter how hot it is!) and parks, especially swings are a favorite activity!

When swinging, practice pumping legs to swing yourself. Kick as you come forward (“kick the sky” or give feet high fives) and bend knees as you swing back (“turtle legs”).

See how many times you can kick the sky and have turtle legs in a row!

Have You Met The BAC Volunteers?

Our volunteers not only spend dedicated hours to BAC being a huge support to staff, but they also make work a lot of fun. Learn more about our volunteers below and if you are interested in joining our wonderful team contact Amanda at

Meet Jason! He has been to Nicaragua on a Habitat for Humanity Trip and is in the 99th percentile for height.

Welcome Soo! She has lived in four states : California, Maryland, Colorado and Massachusetts.  She enjoys kayaking and was born in South Korea.

Meet Emili! Her favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate.  She is from Chicago and has 3 younger siblings.

Say “Hi!” to Deziray! She is from Canada and plays ice hockey at BU.  Her favorite animal is a monkey.