BAC Summer Camp is Officially Up and Running!

BAC Summer Camp is off to a great start! Day 1 and 2 consisted of nothing short of lots of laughs, smiles, learning and making friends.

Day 1: Camping

We had a scavenger hunt finding all kinds of bugs! (Don’t worry we found pretend bugs!!!)

We made a campfire for craft and had a nature scavenger hunt outside. We read the book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” and looked through discovery bottles. The children took turns shaking them to find the different things that they went through in the story.

We were so hungry at snack time from all of our activities! We worked together and made dirt worm cups. They were not only yummy, but so much fun to make!

We ended our day with group scooter board races to build a campfire! Check out our BAC Facebook page to see a picture of this activity!


Day Two: Outer Space

We made planets! Older kids used shaving cream and marbled planets. They then painted black paper with gold glitter paint to glue the planet(s) onto.  The younger kids marbled planets by squishing paint in a bag.

We read the book “There’s No Place Like Space” with a constellation flashlight. Afterwards we made EDIBLE rocket ships! Have you ever heard of something so delicious and cool to make?

We also played a group game of astronaut challenge/space prep. Kids earned large NASA stickers and badges to wear! We were so proud of all of the challenges we completed! The kids are ready for their trip to space!

Looking For An Exciting Science Experiment For Your Little One?

Our friends at BAC LOVE science and learning! We hope you enjoy the “Color Surprise Experiment” that you and your little one can do together. You can have fun while practicing your child’s speech/language skills- see home ideas below!

Print pictures below and cut cards. Have your child put the cards in order and then retell the order of the activity using complete sentences (e.g., “FIRST, I poured the glue.”)
Ask wh-questions to encourage conversation, support problem solving skills and practice understanding of WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY and YES/NO! 

In The Ocean…

Our occupational therapist, Stephanie, targets both fine motor and gross motor skills while finding baby fish in our “sea hammock”!

During this activity our friend was encouraged to utilize his gross motor skills to climb through the various layers of the “sea” (aka: hammock) to find the fish. Subsequently he used his fine motor skills to pinch the baby fish-clips and attach them back onto the mother fish! Not only was this activity fun and motivating, but it also supported numerous developmental skills.